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What is PTR Record (Reverse DNS)? How Can We Define it?

What is PTR record (Reverse DNS)? As we know, there is more than one type of DNS. Each has its own meaning and function. PTR record, on the other hand, allows an IP address to provide the server name in its query. This makes it easier for us to know the server to which the IP address belongs.

For example; let’s say that the IP address of a website is and the website address is  When DNS query is made, it gives you the IP address as a feedback. So it gives the IP number  When you query the IP address, if it gives you the address as a feedback, you can see that there is a PTR record definition for your website’s server.

Why do we need PTR record?

It is useful for sending (SMTP sending) on a mail server. This record adds credibility to the sending server and allows the receiving party to check which host IP address belongs to. It is a form of protection against fraudulent mails that use it to send spam mails. This is why some major email providers like,, etc. do reverse DNS scan before accepting incoming emails.

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