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What is MX Record? How to Create an MX Record?

What is MX Record? How to Create an MX Record? MX record is a DNS record that allows a domain name to communicate with a mail server. Incoming and outgoing mails go over the MX record. If there is more than one mail server belonging to the mail server, you can define all of them as DNS records and make your process.

The mx records that you will determine in order of priority are met by the mx with the lowest “priority” value. Depending on the intensity of the mail traffic, other mx records will accept the incoming mail respectively and then deliver it to the domain name.

How to create an mx record?

MX record definition, when you receive mail service, the current DNS records are forwarded to you by the company you receive the service from. You can complete the process by defining these forwarded DNS records to the NS’s of the domain name. After defining the DNS records, you can start using your mail service within 2 to 24 hours.

In today’s technology, SPF record definition must be made in every mail service. Otherwise, you may experience spam problems in mail exchange. For SPF record definition, you can read  our article “What is SPF record?”

MX record sample:

First MX Server Name: : Priority Value 10
Second MX Server Name: : Priority Value 10

What Are The Advantages Of Having More MX Servers?

If there is only one MX server in the mail service provided by a hosting company, this may cause slower mail exchange of all domains on the server.  Because thousands of mail can be sent to only one mail server at the same time. If the mail server cannot handle this traffic, incoming mails are accumulated in the queue and forwarded to users.

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