What is Local SEO? How is it Done? Local SEO Guide

Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization); As we understand from its name, it is called to be at the top of the ranking with the keywords determined regionally or geographically. If you own a local business, one of the most important steps you need to do for digital marketing is Local SEO. You need to optimize your geographic information with searches specific to your region.

The Local SEO strategy you make allows that users searching on the Google search engine to see businesses whose priority is close to their region according to the Google algorithm. Therefore, Local Seo is very important. For this reason, you should make sure that the on-site SEO settings are made correctly along with the Local Seo. If you think that you are inadequate or your knowledge is incomplete about this, I suggest you seek help from an expert.

Nowadays, we get information about many companies and businesses by searching on Google. So, do you have enough information about how visible your business is or where it appears on the internet? If you don’t know where your business is on Google, doing Local SEO will make you highly visible and will also allow you to reach your potential customers.

It is actually very easy to be able to compete with competing businesses with the right local SEO works. You can get ahead of 70% of your competitors by doing SEO work in the region you serve.

Why is Local SEO Necessary?

Did you know that according to the research, 88% of mobile users search before they go to the store within a day? Have you heard that 46% of all searches on Google search for local information? If you hear about it for the first time, I think you may have understood the importance of Local SEO.

To explain why Local SEO is necessary with a few factors;

  • People find businesses that own local businesses more reliable.
  • It is the best SEO method to do with a low budget.
  • It is easier to compete with competitors.
  • Affecting organic search results.
  • Easier access for users making calls from mobile devices to business information such as address and phone number.
  • Your website stands out in location based searches

Whether you are a big or a small business, Local SEO is a work that should not be ignored in all areas.

How to Do Local SEO?

Just doing Local SEO will not be enough. You need a website. Or still don’t have a website? I suppose there is a business that does not have a website in this period? For this reason, you need to do your website’s on-site SEO procedures. What is this on-site SEO? What should you do? Organize your site user-friendly, get to know your target audience and optimize your content according to your audience. Create links within the site and let your visitors navigate in your website easily.

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Do Local SEO in 10 Steps!

We understood the importance of doing local SEO, now I will tell you how to do local SEO with the local SEO guide.

  • First of all, optimize your website homepage.
  • Optimize your title, description and metadata.
  • Optimize title and topic tags.
  • Identify keywords for your local industry.
  • Create pages for the services and products you provide.
  • Create a Google My Business page, add your location
  • Use the service, product, and local business chart (schema).
  • Use your social media accounts actively.
  • Prioritize comments and feedback.
  • Arrange for NAP.

Web Site Optimization

The speed of your website, the use of images and the optimization of the articles that describing your business are important. The speed of users leaving the websites that do not open fast is quite fast, unfortunately, nobody can tolerate waiting. For this reason, you should clean all unnecessary CSS, unused fonts and excessive images that prevent the site from opening.

Title and Meta Optimization

Your homepage needs to have a title and description of your business, and it can be your slogan. You must fill in your meta descriptions with the titles completely.

Title and Subject and URL Optimization

The titles you use on your website should be user-friendly and shortened according to the Google algorithm. If we give an example to this; Get the headline “What is Local SEO? How To-Do? Local SEO Guide”. The URL part should be goal oriented “local-seo-what-how-to”. If you are using Wordpress, “page permalink structure” should be preferred as the text name.

Local-Based Title and Keyword Determination

SEO studies are done on selected keywords. It will be more efficient for you to progress with local-based keywords, which is one of the most effective SEO studies. If you analyse your target audience correctly, the content you create with the long words you prefer – long tail keywords – will bring you an effective result in the field you compete.

Creating Pages for Services and Products

Create pages for your company’s services and products and enter content. Express yourself to your customer in the right language. Creating content that are focused on users’ questions and problems will enable you to communicate with your customers.

Sign Up for My Google Business

In order for your business to do Local Seo, firstly, it must be a member of Google My Business. You must enter your location and your business information. You can also create product and service pages at Google My Business. If you do not know about this, you can get information about the subject here, and you can contact me on our contact page to get support.

Use Business Chart

Choose one of the schemas that Google cares about recently. Choose as a local business, organization, service or product and fill in your information completely. With the SEO plugin you use, it is possible to make these settings with Yoast Seo, All in SEO or Rank Math plugins.

Use Social Media

Social media is a must for every business now. You can benefit from the power of social media by actively using your social media accounts every day without a break. You should interact by choosing labels suitable for your business.

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Prioritize Comments and Feedback

Give importance and priority to comments and feedback to your business. Interact by responding to comments as quickly as possible. Pay attention to your audience’s wishes and problems, listen to them.

Arrange NAP

NAP is the abbreviation of name, address and telephone information. We can also call it detailing the contact information of your website. Users who visit your website using search engines should be able to easily access your information. Make sure that the information you provide is accurate and up to date. You can make the NAP arrangement in accordance with the infrastructure of your website. If you are using Wordpress, you can easily do it with Rank Math, Yoast Seo and All in Seo plugins.

In addition to all these steps, mobile optimization of your site is one of the most important processes. If your website does not have a mobile-friendly design, you should switch to a responsive design as soon as possible. Google gives priority to mobile-friendly websites in mobile searches. You should take care to access your website from all smart devices.

Lastly, I want to say that off-site SEO is as important as on-site SEO. If you have read this far and have little knowledge in this area, backlink SEO is the most effective factor in transactions. What you need to do is to get backlinks from the websites of your industry and to maintain this situation. How to do the right backlink work? Where to get free backlinks? We have an article about useful and harmful backlinks. You can get information about this.

If you want to get local SEO services and register to Google My Business, you can reach me at my contact addresses.

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