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What is Digital Marketing? How is Digital Marketing Done?

WHAT IS DIGITAL MARKETING? HOW IS DIGITAL MARKETING DONE? WHAT ARE DIGITAL MARKETING TECHNIQUES? What is digital marketing that covers many areas that we have heard frequently lately? How is Digital Marketing done? What are the Digital Marketing techniques? What does a Digital Marketing specialist do? Let’s talk about where to start and what to do if you want to improve yourself in this field.

Many businesses today are only realizing how important a digital marketing strategy is to gain and retain customers. We can say that reaching audiences, effectively growing and interacting is through using detailed digital marketing techniques.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the fastest, the most effective and preferred method of marketing that you can easily promote your product and service in the digital environment to grow your business. It is an efficient form of marketing in the developing internet, social media and mobile platform channels of the technology world.

A common myth about digital marketing is that it’s only for big brands and established businesses. Digital marketing is essential for every business regardless of the size of the industry it belongs to, and it is not always difficult for small businesses to do digital marketing and grow their business exponentially.

Sometimes, the owners of the companies think that achieving goals take a lot of time and money. As I said, a lot of money was spent on advertising and brand awareness, but now results-oriented digital marketing services have made everything so easy.

What are the Most Effective Digital Marketing Techniques for Businesses?

Businesses that have just started digital marketing are trying to do all digital marketing techniques and get results. This is one of the most common mistakes. But digital marketing is not a magic! Doing the right thing at the right time will bring results, depending on the stage of your business.

The transactions you take today will not give you a result tomorrow. Digital marketing as a whole is a broad category that covers a large number of activities that small businesses can use for their business. All they have to do is to find clues on the most important digital marketing techniques to work on specific strategies and digital marketing techniques for their industry and take advantage according to that. Now, let’s see that what are digital marketing techniques?

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social media management
  • Google Adwords
  • Google Maps
  • Content Marketing
  • Mail Marketing
  • Mobile Tools

How Is Digital Marketing Done?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the technic steps of the digital marketing. You can increase your organic visitors or appear on related pages in searches related to your site with SEO. Apart from these, it is necessary to prepare the infrastructure of your website for Google adwords ads.

Nowadays, everyone has the knowledge of SEO, so there are a lot of websites. After adjusting the infrastructure of your website and write some content, it may look like our job is done. If these things were easy, thousands of websites would not be left to their fate. There are so many technic topics in this field but the most important ones are “on-site SEO” and “off-site SEO” and these are the most common mistakes.

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Social media management is the most affective and the most active marketing channel. There must be a social media account of every business and you should manage your social media account with the help of an expert.

Your business should be in social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest etc. Do not think “how difficult it can be to share content”. Listen an expert of this field and you will see the differences. With the right strategy for social media, your brand’s awareness will increase and you can get interaction and access.

Social media, which has become as much a need as a website for the recognition and reliability of your brand, is a digital marketing technique that will be considered important.

Google Adwords is the appearance of your results pages in search engines at the top or bottom of the searches with sponsored links. AdWords works by paying per click to the ad, not by viewing ads. So seeing your ads does not cost you.

Google Maps is a digital marketing technique that should be used by any company that not only serves online but has a specific address and store, but also has a local business. Finding information about the business and having comments on Google maps give an idea for this business. You should create a positive profile and manage the positive and negative comments you receive.

We can say that content marketing is the language of your brand’s digital marketing. The photo or video you use in this area is the message you want to convey to the other party and it is very important as it will represent you. The more effective your content is, the more memorable it will be and the feedback you will get.

With mail marketing, you can directly reach people. In fact, this marketing technique is a very old but still effective technique. One third of the world’s population has an e-mail account and according to the data, an average of 240 billion e-mails are sent per day. With the right strategy and a few simple steps, you can actively use the effective mail marketing method and attract visitors to your site.

Mobile Tools, your website needs to be mobile friendly. You should greet the user who visits your site using a phone and tablet with a mobile-compatible design. Acting according to the wishes of your target audience will always move you one step ahead.

What is a Digital Marketing Specialist? What Do They Do?

A digital marketing specialist is the person who works to increase your brand awareness. They make a business presentation by preparing digital marketing strategies to determine your target audience and gain new customers. In addition to these, they have the competence of using many Google and digital marketing tools such as Social media, SEO, SEM, Analytics.

There are some things to be aware of while choosing the fields of Digital Marketing that has increased recently, these are;

  • Is your preferred agency a Google partner?
  • Which brands and people have worked with?
  • Do they have references?
  • Is the team working in the service areas they offer specialized?
  • Can they create a suitable digital marketing route for your target audience?
  • Can they provide example studies?
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You should answer these questions and make a research about them. Whether you prefer a digital marketing agency or work with a single person, whatever your preference, be careful to make a choice that will carry you forward.

Where should you start if you want to improve yourself in the field of Digital Marketing?

In my experience, you are often unsure about where to start preparing your digital marketing plan. Let’s list what you need to do;

  • To think customer oriented.
  • Creating a digital marketing system.
  • Creating a brand story.
  • Getting visitors.
  • Optimizing returns and interactions well.
  • Being in communication with the target audience.
  • Making paid advertisements.

When it comes to digital marketing, don’t think of huge advertising budgets. You should act by assuming that almost 60% of the country uses the internet. When you choose your field and audience correctly while analyzing your target audience, it is almost impossible to fail in digital marketing.

If you want to get help for someone who is an expert in this field, you can contact me from my contact addresses.

Have you ever heard of affiliate marketing that has been popular recently as digital marketing? If you haven’t heard, let me briefly tell you about it. It is a way of earning commissions by marketing a person’s or company’s products. This transaction is not much different from commission work, and it works with the same logic. We know that many celebrities or social media influencers make very good profits by partnering with Trendyol.

If you have a high number of followers on social media and you manage an account with a high level of interaction, this job is for you. Start your digital marketing by preparing a nice mail to the companies right away! This business doesn’t just end with social media, maybe you have a website with many visitors, and you can make additional income for yourself by taking advantage of this area.

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