What is Content Speed? How is it Calculated? What is its importance for SEO?

WHAT IS CONTENT SPEED? HOW IS IT CALCULATED? WHAT IS ITS IMPORTANCE FOR SEO? Boost your website with content speed and take important steps for SEO. What is content speed? How is it calculated? What is its importance for SEO? How can we produce the best content for SEO? Can you rank with good content? Is content enough without doing SEO? Let’s talk about these questions and answers.

In 2021, there are such platforms like websites, blogs, social media and YouTube that produces digital contents. 9 out of 10 people have at least one of these platforms and they are content producer. Some of them introduce a product, some of them writes blog or makes video contents. Is it easy to stand out from so many people and get out in search engines? Can we achieve the desired result just by producing good content? What strategy should we implement in this regard? Where is the speed of content in this business?

What is Content Speed?

Content speed is the measurement of how much content you produce by comparing the content you produce with your competitor after a certain period of time.

Measuring your content speed drives your instincts by turning your strategy into action.

Although content producers always try to produce the best quality content, without determining where your competitors stand, your strategy will not get you where you want.

If you produce 2 quality contents while your competitor produces 5 quality contents, it is obvious that who will win. For this reason, the true strategy is important. So, what should you pay attention to when detecting an opponent?

  • How much content you create on both sides
  • To the rate of creating high quality content on a daily / weekly / monthly basis
  • The quality of the content

You should analyze these 3 options well. As a result, you will be one step closer to producing fast content with the program you will make.

How is Content Speed Calculated?

We need some tools to calculate the content speed but unfortunately, they are expensive for us. The foreigners always do the best SEO because of this. We need SEMrush and Screaming Frog for SEO as content speed calculator. If you have SEMrush, the thing you need to do that go to SEMrush, filter these pages using the URL filter option and export recent list. That’s it.

If it is not possible for everyone to access these tools, how else can we calculate content speed?

  • Title preference used in the content
  • Meta and tag setup
  • Scheme usage
  • Word count
  • Keyword distribution
  • Competitor content analysis

If you manually extract these things as data, you will calculate the speed of your site as content.

What is the Importance of Content Speed for SEO?

The importance of content speed for SEO is equivalent to the importance you give to your content. What should you do about this while producing your content in accordance with SEO?

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Research resources and create examples

you should research resources and extract data, if you can do this, you need to know extract data and read it. You need to research so many resources in order to enrich your contents.

Choose content that creates competition!

While you are choosing your content, you need to make an analysis and then write a content that will make the title competitive. Trust yourself and your contents.

Identify Your Competitors’ Source

By analyzing how much content your competitors produce, how many people work in content production, what resources they use, you can go a long way.

Create Content Cost

If you don’t have any time or any knowledge for producing content, set a cost and call the editors. Buy contents that are SEO compatible.

We have so many friends who sell articles that are SEO compatible. Getting help from them in this topic will make you stronger against your competitor.

As a result, not everyone is talking about content speed when talking about quality content for SEO. Many people do not even know what kind of content the competition is generated from. It is obvious that it is not easy to create quality content for everyone and continue this process.

Finding out how many authors a competitor has on their staff and how often articles are written is key to measuring how much content you need to create to compete for the topics you want to win.

It takes time to find the speed of content at this time when it is not enough to produce quality content, but if you make this a regular strategy, you will get your share in this market. Otherwise, like many lost websites, you will be forgotten over time.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you would like support for SEO Expert compatible article writing. You can reach me from my social media accounts and contact page, we can talk about these issues.

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