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What is ClipDrop and How do We Use It?

Which program works compatible with it? Which device we can install in? Let’s see together what is Clipdrop.

Clipdrop is an application which I have been using for a while and it is an application which makes you say “wow”

What is ClipDrop and how do we use it?

It is an application that gives you a capture the objects fastly and put it in the desktop applications. It is a fine change on AR which render the objects you captured to digital. In the introduction video of the Clipdrop Beta app, it shows that it can capture -from flowers to TVs- everything and then it transfers them to document as cropped and cleared background objects.

You can easily copy not only the objects but also the texts you captured. Yes, i know that there are many app which are used in the same way but we can say that this one is the most professional one. Clipdrop which works with Photoshop program and an add-on will be helpful while you are designing. You can do your design, especially clear background without losing time. It’s an app that you can use with Google Document, PowerPoint, Figma, Canva and Pitch. Of course, it is not only works this way. You can use it while you are capturing everyday objects and sharing them with IOS and Android as always.

What is ClipDrop

As a Software Clipdrop, addition to IOS and Android, it is available for Windows and MacOS. In this way, you can take photos or texts from your desktop or from web and transfer them to the documents fastly.

Although Clipdrop is published, its producer Diagne is warning people while saying that it’s still in Beta stage and users should wait for about some “mistakes”.

When we tried this app, we saw that iPhone X is good choosing an object on a messy table. But in some phones and versions, while transferring from phone to desktop or Photoshop, some problems may occur. Furthermore, you can encounter some mistakes like some shadow problems or choosing crowded objects.

How Much Does ClipDrop App?

You can download the ClipDrop application free of charge. But its use is limited, allowing you to take and upload 5 or 10 free photos at the first download, then it hits your face like a wall that it is paid.

Unfortunately, considering the state of the dollar, everything is expensive for us. ClipDrop is currently priced at $ 39.99 per year, but after November 20, the price will increase to $ 79.99 per year or $ 9.99 per month. Yes, although it is expensive to us, if you are making money by doing design work, the program is very useful for you.

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