In 2021, What are 5 SEO Trends for Content?

In 2021, what are 5 SEO trends for content? Let’s talk about what content producers need to produce better quality content and do for SEO compatible content.

Many business owners were harmed by the epidemic we experienced in 2020.  Still, there are so many work places which are close. The importance of the digital world has increased in 2021 compared to the past years. In the past people presented their product in showcases but now, the somethings changed.

It will be right if we say that those days were in the past. You may have a good product. But if you don’t have a social media, no matter how quality your product is, it does not mean anything. Your target group is online now. You have to express yourself in online platform or I can say for sure that your business will hurt.

In 2021, What are 5 SEO Trends for Content?

In 2021, 5 SEO trends for content are; readability and SEO, mobile optimization, voice search, video content and keyword types.

No matter what sector your business is in, you have to take place in Google. If you have a website, your second step you be contents of your website. 90 percent of the searchers prefers the first website on the first page. Will you continue to stay behind? If you have any thoughts about how will you appear first page on Google, you can contact me.

If you have a website before and it is not active and up to date anymore, you should adapt it to the 2021 trends. You can start this process by updating your contents. For this, you should follow 5 SEO trends for content in 2021. In order to do SEO work, you can be at the top of Google and other search engines by content analysis and content editing, and you should use a strategy for what you need to do.

It may be hard for you to optimize your content for search engines but the result will make you happy. SEO is a structure that always changes and improves itself. You should search your competitors and analyze them. It may give you some clues as you’re appealing to the same target audience.

5 SEO Trends for Content

What should you pay attention to in order to produce SEO Trends and Quality content for the year 2021?

Readability and SEO

you should pay attention the readability and SEO indexes while creating your content. Considering that most of the people lately lack of attention, I can say that we are dealing with an impatient audience. In the digital world where there is a lot of information flow, the content you will prepare should be able to attract the attention of the user by taking 8-10 seconds at most.

In this time, it is important that the visitor you attracted is permanent on your site and read your content. Google considers this as an SEO criterion to move you up in search engines by carefully calculating how long people who visit your site stay on your site.

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The first goal of your article or your content is to have understandable language. You need to be careful about readability, legibility and understandability. It has a formula and a relation with SEO. What are those?

The things that you need you pay attention for legibility;

  • Font
  • Line gap
  • Alignment
  • Punto
  • Text color

The things that you need you pay attention for readability;

  • Words that don’t repeat themselves
  • Sentence and paragraph length
  • Use of words that do not break the flow
  • Language rules in which the text is written

The things that you need you pay attention for SEO;

  • Keyword density
  • Page authoritarianism
  • Domain name authoritarianism
  • Ineffective words

You can see the relation of SEO and readability by paying attention to the factors I listed above.

Mobile Optimization

Still, there are some firms and companies that can’t make mobile optimization of their website. I would like to tell you how much loss and damage this is to your site with statistics.

“77 million mobile users constitute 92% population.”

Based on this data, you can calculate your own ratio:)

All of the businesses have to optimize their website for mobile. Many factors such as display distortion, unopened links, illegible content are not good for both Google and visitors.

So, how can you make mobile optimization?

  • Don’t keep titles too long
  • Adjust content texts according to their mobile size
  • Make your article compatible with touch screens
  • Optimize images
  • Make design updates
  • Use the menus as pull-down

You can make mobile optimization by using these features or you can get help from an expert.

Voice Search

Have you heard of the voice search feature on websites released in mid-2020? If you haven’t heard it, you heard from me J we use so many features in the phones with our voice, we even send text messages with our voice. The developers, who found that we used this feature a lot, opened the eyes of Google and stated that they attach importance to improving the search feature by voice.

You can keep up with this trend by using the search feature that will convert the audio to text.

Video Content

There aren’t digital marketers who don’t know that text content is the most common SEO trend. Considering how much video viewing rates have increased recently, we can say that it is time to produce video content.

It has been determined that video contents increase the traffic from the search engine by 150%. A nice and not negligible rate.

Many people prefer listening or watching contents instead of reading. You can increase you traffic by producing interesting videos. Google sees this as an SEO criterion to encourage video content production. By adding video to your content, you optimize it for SEO.

Keyword Types

It is more possible to reach your target audience by doing SEO work with the right keywords you choose according to your industry. Thanks to this study, you can drive traffic to your site and reach more potential customers.

However, using too many and wrong keywords can cause you to be penalized by Google. To avoid penalties from Google, you should do keyword analysis and find more than one type of keyword. You should not work with a single keyword.

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You can get an idea about keywords by searching on Google, examining your competitors. As long as the Google algorithm continues to keep content production among the criteria that SEO cares about in the first place, you should care about your content and produce it correctly. For this reason, you should act by considering these features while producing content and optimizing your previous content.

If you do not have enough knowledge in this area, you can get help from an expert. If you want to meet with an SEO expert to be more successful than your competitors, I will always be happy to help you. You can reach me from my contact page and social media addresses. ? If you want to get more information about SEO, follow

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