Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy explains how personal data belonging to users on the site ( referred to as ” Personal Blog” in the privacy policy ) are used and how this information is protected.

General Scope

This privacy policy in the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey determining the Protection of Personal Data Law is based. If this law changes or is subject to update, this privacy policy will be updated with the law.

Related law; Personal Data Protection Law 

Personal Information

Users’ personal information; All kinds of personal information such as name-surname, date of birth, telephone number, e-mail address, which are intended to identify the user directly or indirectly, this information will be referred to as ” personal information ” on the privacy policy page .

What Kind of Personal Information Is Collected on a Personal Blog Page?

Like all websites, the Personal Blog page collects personal information using various methods to obtain information about its visitors. Personal data collected from users of the Personal Blog page; It includes simple data such as the user’s ip address, the internet browser information used, the internet service provider, login, logout and navigation pages, session duration, and interactions on the personal blog page. This data collected is used for the maintenance, management and improvement of the services of the site. These collected data are not used as personal identification in any way.

How Do I Collect Users’ Personal Data?

  • Using browser cookies.
  • Using Mobile and Desktop browser notifications.
  • Using Google Analytics service. ( Click for detailed information . )
  • Google Adsense (Advertisement Service) ( Click for detailed information . )

Browser Cookies

The Personal Blog page is used for the same purpose, as every website does. Each Internet browser stores a small file on users’ computers through Internet browsers where users access websites. The information contained in this file is as follows;

  1. The operating system the user is using.
  2. User’s preferred speech, writing language.
  3. The internet browser information he uses.
  4. Internet history and internet search history.
  5. Location information of the device with which the website is accessed.

This information collected through browser cookies is used for the purposes stated below.

  • By learning the operating system, the preferred speaking and writing language, the user is provided with the opportunity to use services and services in a language that they can understand.
  • It is used to develop and improve the Personal Blog page using the user’s internet browser information.
  • It is used to produce content suitable for the focus of the user by using the user’s internet history and internet searches, browsing history, to present advertisements and to make various promotional notifications.
  • It is used to notify the user on issues such as advertisements, promotions and events, using the user’s location information.

This information collected on the Personal Blog page can be collected through browser cookies and various third party applications. Users who do not want this information to be collected can turn off their browser cookies from the privacy and security settings of their internet browser.

Mobile and Desktop Notifications

The Personal Blog page uses browser notifications for mobile and desktop devices in software to increase interaction with its users. An application is used that asks users who enter the personal blog page to allow or deny browser notifications. Users who allow this application are notified to their browsers about new content, products and services on the Personal Blog page.

Users can turn off, block or disallow these notifications by entering the notification settings of the internet browser they use at any time.

Google Analytics and Google Adsense

Google Analytics; The Personal Blog page uses Google Analytics , a free service offered by Google , in order to better analyze the data obtained from its users and to obtain more detailed information about its users. With this service, Personal blog page can have much more advanced information about its users. With this information, it can provide its users with a much higher quality service, content and product. This third-party application has a privacy policy in itself. ( Google Analytics Privacy Policy )

Google Adsense; The Personal Blog page uses Google Adsense , an advertising service offered by Google , to generate financial income . The Personal Blog page displays advertisements for the focus of interest of the user who visited the Personal Blog page using the internet history and internet search history data we previously obtained through Google Analytics, Browser cookies, in various locations.

This third-party application has its own privacy policy. ( Google Adsense Privacy Policy )

How is Personal Information Collected Protected?

The Personal Blog page implements all possible measures to protect the personal information collected from its users. For this purpose, the Personal Blog page takes some security measures to protect the personal data of the users. These measures;

  • Personal information uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, which is a strong encryption algorithm . (It is the https: // technology in the address line when you log in to the personal blog page .)
  • By using HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) technology, a secure communication layer is created between the user and the server where the Personal Blog page is broadcast, enabling the data to be transferred, processed and read.

  • Using TLS 1.3 (Transport Layer Security) technology, users’ personal data are protected with a strong encryption algorithm, just like SSL technology. This technology is server-side, used where the data is actually kept and stored.

Despite all these security measures, Personal Blog page will not have any responsibility in case the personal data collected as a result of a cyber attack on the web server and / or the system hosting the Personal Blog page is damaged or fall into the hands of third parties.

Is Personal Information Collected Shared With Third Parties?

All personal information collected on the Personal Blog page will not be used in any way other than the principles and purposes specified in the privacy policy. Collected personal information will not be shared with third parties unless the user has explicit consent.

However, an official of the Republic of Turkey requests from various judicial and administrative institutions, the personal information collected in accordance with the notification, request in accordance with the privacy policy statement that judicial and administrative institutions / organizations can be shared with.

External Links on Personal Blog Page

Links to various internet addresses can be provided from any page or footer of the Personal Blog site. These linked links may be the product of an advertising work called “backlink” in Internet terminology, so the Personal Blog page is not responsible for the contents, products and services of these linked internet addresses.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy may change over time. Privacy policy may change due to new laws, obligations or technologies. We make these changes on the privacy policy page and if these changes are very important, we will notify you via various notifications (e-mail, mobile and desktop notifications).

Privacy Policy Acceptance

By continuing to use the content, services and products offered on the Personal Blog page, you are deemed to have accepted all the principles stated in this privacy policy.

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