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Mint Openvpn Client Setup

Hello again, in this article, I will tell you that how to setup Mint Openvpn Client.

For Mint Openvpn, you can complete the setup by using these steps.

How to Set Up Mint Openvpn Client

At first, you should put the VPN file under any directory. For the next step, click the internet icon in lower right corner and then click the “Network connections” option.

Mint Openvpn Client Kurulumu

After that, there will come a window and you should click the “+” icon in the lower right corner. Firstly, choose the “Import a saved VPN configuration” and secondly, click the “Create” option. After these steps, you will see a creating VPN window. You will choose the file by defining the way of your VPN file.

Mint Openvpn Client Kurulumu 1

Mint Openvpn Client Kurulumu 2

In the opened window, after you write your VPN information like “username” and “Password”, you should choose the option “the password is not required” from “user key password” section. Then you should click “Save” and your process will be completed.

Mint Openvpn Client Kurulumu 3

In order to start VPN connection, click the “Network Settings” option.

Mint Openvpn Client Kurulumu 4

After that, there will appear a page and from that page, you can activate your VPN.

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How to make VPN connection with Linux Mint L2tp

You can use the these instructions in order to set up L2TP module to Ubuntu and Linux which based on Ubuntu.

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa: nm-l2tp / network-manager-l2tp
$ sudo apt-get güncellemesi
$ sudo apt-get install ağ yöneticisi-l2tp ağ yöneticisi-l2tp-gnome
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