How to install Localhost WordPress?

How to Install Localhost WordPress? Should we install Wordpress using Wampserver or XAMPP? Wordpress, which is the most preferred and highly popular in the world, is an open source and completely free content management panel. With the Wordpress management panel, you can open many types of websites such as news, personal blog, e-commerce, corporate.

However, the management of such websites is quite difficult. For this reason, before proceeding to the management of site types such as blogs and news sites, I would say it is useful to install wordpress locally and learn the management panel well. If you make the slightest mistake in the site files while working locally, it will be easier to delete the site and reload it, and this will not harm you financially. When you learn to fix the mistakes you make locally, when you install on the main server, you will be able to manage your site professionally by not making the mistakes you made.

How to Install Localhost WordPress with Wampserver?

So, how to install Localhost Wordpress? In this article I prepared, I explained all the information from the installation of localhost to the installation of wordpress. Let’s move on to the installations without waiting any longer..

Before you install Wordpress on localhost, you must install a local. For local installation, there are programs such as wampserver, XAMPP. In this article, I chose wampserver as localhost and I will explain over it.

WampServer Installation

  1. First of all, install WampServer via the link I will give. After completing the installation process, we run the setup file that we installed on our computer and install WampServer on our computer.
  2. After passing the installation stages of local, we will come across in which browser we should open localhost. Here we select the browser file that we use constantly and define the wampserver. After clicking Next, the local installation will be finished.
  3. After the installation is finished, you will see the WampServer icon on the right side of the taskbar. We will right click on the icon and select the language we want from the language section. Then we will click on the icon again and start all services. After a very short wait, if our operation is successful, the Wampserver icon will turn green. After the icon is green, let’s left click on the icon and click phpMyAdmin and open the local database administration panel.

Database Setup

  1. After entering the phpMyAdmin administration panel, let’s create a database for our wordpress files by clicking the new option from the left panel.
  2. In the window that comes up, we click on the create database option and in the text box below we write the name we want to give to our database and press the create option. In this way, we create the necessary database for our files.

After creating the database, it’s time to upload the wordpress files to the locale. For this, of course, we need to download the wordpress files first.

LocalHost Wordpress Installation

  1. It’s time to upload the WordPress files to the locale, let’s first install the wordpress from the link.
  2. After the download is complete, let’s right click on the wordpress file on the desktop and say extract to folder and extract it from the zip.
  3. Then let’s copy the wordpress file and paste it into the www folder under the wampserver. To access the www folder, you can go to Local disk C > wamp > www.
  4. Then, let’s go to the browser we chose in the wampserver installation and write localhost.
  5. In order to start the wordpress installation on the screen that appears, click the “Let’s get started” button below.

After waiting for a while, a screen will appear and you need to do these steps;

  • Database Name: wordpress
  • Username: root
  • Password: (will be blank)
  • Database Server: localhost
  • Table Prefix: wp_
  1. After filling in the form, click on submit.
  2. What we will do on the next screen;
  • Site Title: You should write the title you want to appear on your site.
  • Username: In order to enter the administration panel of your site, you must enter the user name that you have determined (for example: can, wordpress, admin etc.).
  • Password: You must enter the password you set in order to access the administration panel of your site.
  • Your e-mail address: you must enter the e-mail address you want to appear on your site.
  • Search Engine Visibility: The tick here should be off.
  1. After doing all these steps without any problems, let’s click the “Install Wordpress” button and start the installation of the “config.php” file. After a short time, the installation will be completed.
  2. Start developing your site by typing localhost/wordpress/wp-admin or localhost/wp-admin in your browser and entering the administration panel with the username and password you have determined.
  3. I gave all the necessary information about how to install localhost wordpress. You can reach me from the communication section or my social media accounts wherever you are stuck.

As you can see, installing Localhost WordPress with WampServer is quite easy. If you are a person who can install Wordpress, you can also install on Localhost very easily. If you have any questions about WordPress site setup using Wamp Server, share them with me in the comments section! Visit my contact page for support.

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