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How to Fix Google Index Problem? 2020

How to fix Google index problem: Google index problem and adding index problem is a problem that goes on for a long time. There are so many people who have trouble with adding index and indexing website. Unfortunately, we have this problem since the beginning of the year. We think that we have this problem because of the algorithm update but let’s make a brain storm to solve this problem.

Why doesn’t Google index my site?

If you want to be in Google world, your websites have to take index. If your websites or texts don’t be indexed by Google, your websites and texts won’t show up on searches.

What are the reasons of Google index problem? Let’s see how we can solve these problems.

How to fix Google index problem

If your Google websites or pages don’t index except your algorithm update, there are some reasons for this problem.  First of all, let’s answer the questions down below.

  • Did you create your website in these days?
  • Did you add your website to Webmaster Tools?
  • Did you create txt file properly?
  • Is website updated?
  • Is there any browsing mistake? What are these mistakes?
  • Are your contents copied or original?
  • Is there a usage of Noindex label?
  • What is website speed situation?
  • Is there any penalty?

If you create your website newly, you should be patient for indexing your contents and your websites. At this time, you should continue publish your contents consistently. You can control your contents from Google Search Console/ URL tester and send them for indexing. But it is not certain that you can take index after you send URL.

You should add your website from Webmaster Tools panel. You can analyze all the process about your website and indexing by adding Google Search Console.

You should do a Robot.txt control. In this way you can show the pages that you don’t want to index to Google. You should be careful while you are creating and preparing the Robot.txt file.

You can direct your process if you see some wrong pages in Search Console/ Content. You should solve the 404 pages and other mistakes first.

If you use copied content instead of original content, your content may not be indexed. Together with indexing your site, your website may get penalty because of the spam. So, you should create original contents. Creative contents are one of the most important criteria for both Google and SEO.

You should check whether you are using Noindex label or not. Some add-ons cause trouble in your Wordpress sites. Open your website from a browser and go to the source of the page with “CTRL+U” and then with “CTRL+F” a search bar will appear.  Write “noindex” or “no index” in that search bar and search your codes.  If you find these labes, you should delete them.  After you delete noindex label, you should wait index for a while.  It will take time to show up in search engines.

What is your website speed? If your page opens slowly, it is not good for Google and SEO. And also users exit immediately from the websites which opens slowly.  If your page opens slowly, you should make something to speed up the performance. Our test and speed up your website article may help you.

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Did your website get any penalty? You can check this from the Google Search Console/ Manuel Actions. If your website got any penalty, the indexing problem may derive from this issue.

Let’s explain these penalties shortly:

Sandbox penalty: If you get irrelevant and too much backlink, if you have copied contents, if you write the same texts again and again and you use so many key words, it is possible you get an heavy penalty. At first you become lower in the sorting and you lose hit and then you don’t show up in the searches. If you see something like that on your webpage, it is possible that you get a sandbox penalty.

Penalized penalty: although your website has index and you don’t show up in the sorting, you may a penalty. This penalty may be given by algorithm or the quality engineering.

Deindexed penalty:  It is a penalty that removes your Google website.  It shows that your website is banned.

You should determine your steps according to assessments. You should stay away from the process that gets trouble to your website.

Except from these penalties, indexing from Search Console section have deactivated as of 14 October 2020. While normal indexing process goes on, we can’t do indexing by sending links manually anymore.

Url Disable
Url Disable

The indexing problem, which goes on for a while, became harder because of the Google’s this move.  Since the real aim of the most of the webmasters or the owner of the websites is to block the thieves who steals the articles, this situation will affect most of the websites that prepare up to date posts.

While I was searching what could be the solution, I found some useful things and I will share some of the solutions for this problem.

If you are careful about these things, you will see that getting index for your website will be easy.

The originality of your content makes this situation more prominent. It seems like for copied or spinned contents, getting index will become harder. It is obvious that Google is focusing on this with its new algorithm.

I will share the new information about the Google algorithm and indexing problem under this article.

If you have any experiences about this topic, you can also share with me.

Frequently asked Questions

How do I get my site indexed on Google?

In order to index your Google site, you must first pay attention to the features I mentioned in my article, then submit the sitemap file of your website by adding it to the Webmaster Tools panel.

Why is Google indexing my site late?

There could be many reasons for this. Such as the updated Google algorithm, the performance of the site and the quality of the content.

Google my site indexes are being deleted. What should I do?

Check your pages and content. Review your Canonical tags, Robot.txt file and your code structure. Check if you got any penalties in the Webmaster Tools panel.
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My site pages do not appear on Google, why?

There may be noindex in your site’s meta tag, or there may be code in your .htaccess file that will prevent your site from being indexed.

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