How to Purchase -Dowload Theme From Themeforest And Install It?

How to purchase a theme from Themeforest for WordPress? How to download and install it? Can you get your money as a result of Themeforest Theme refund? Choosing WordPress theme is one of the hardest things. To open a blog; You can also install WordPress by buying a domain name and choosing hosting, but I do not think that it is as difficult as finding a theme suitable for the area that the blog you open. Sometimes you try dozens of themes, and sometimes even the themes you pay for and buy from places like Themeforest are not suitable.

We can say that the WordPress theme is the most important structure that makes up a website. Features such as the speed of the site, its visuality, and the ease of access offered to the user are the most important features of bringing your site to the forefront.

Choosing a WordPress Theme

Choosing a WordPress theme is important for SEO. Fast work, code structure are essential details for SEO. When choosing a theme, it is not enough to just appeal to your eyes, it should be investigated and examined in a detailed way.

A theme that overwhelms you with codes and prioritizes visuality prevents you from being prominent in Google search results. In addition, the panel of the theme you choose is also important, you should not have difficulty managing your site and you should be able to access the settings you want. That’s why you have to be careful when choosing a theme.

Each theme has different panels, features and settings. To give an example, recently the most preferred sector is news websites. While choosing a news theme for the website; You should pay attention to whether there are features such as last minute feature, headline settings.

How to purchase a WordPress theme? How to install and how to activate a theme?  Before them, let’s talk about Themeforest briefly.

What is Themeforest?

We can say that it is a great resource and a diverse market for webmasters. It is an e-commerce site where you can find paid themes, plugins and other materials belonging to Drupal, Joomla and other content management systems as well as WordPress Themes and Plugins.

Themeforest, one of the best sites in the world, managed to expand its audience by including the Envato Market.

You can access everything you need such as HTML templates, PSD files, E-Commerce software, Blogger themes and plugins, and also you can buy or sell your products.

How to Purchase Themeforest Theme?

First of all, you need to know which area to search. Which words do you need to search to get a Themeforest theme;

  • Technology
  • Education
  • eCommerce
  • Corporate
  • Layers WP
  • Directory & Listings
  • Real Estate

The most popular themes in Themeforest;

  • WordPress Themes
  • eCommerce Templates
  • Site Templates
  • Marketing Templates
  • CMS Templates
  • Blogging

I shared these words with you because I searched in these areas the most. You can get results by searching words according to the field you need.

Themeforest Registration

Themeforest Sign Up
Themeforest Sign Up

To purchase a Themeforest theme, you must first register on the site. Create a profile record by clicking the link

Register by filling the required fields with your current e-mail address.

Then you can purchase a Themeforest Theme. Find the theme you want by searching for (with a link or a name) the theme you want to buy.

Now let’s talk about purchasing a Themeforest Theme.

Purchasing a Themeforest Theme
Purchasing a Themeforest Theme

I wanted to choose the JNews Theme, which has been very popular recently, as an example.

From the link with the JNews Theme, we click the Buy Now button. We see a screen like the one below. We fill in the requested information and then click the Make Payment button to purchase a Themeforest Theme.

Buying Themeforest Theme
Buying Themeforest Theme

How to Download Themeforest Theme?

After you have successfully made the purchase, you will receive an information mail about the theme you received. If you have not signed out of your profile to download the theme, you can click the Downloads option to go to the area where you can download the theme you purchased. If you are logged out, log in again and click on your profile, then click the Downloads tab.

Themeforest Theme Downloads
Themeforest Theme Downloads

After the purchasing process, you can download the theme by clicking the Download button. But before downloading, you will have 3 options. Simply select the “Installable WordPress for only” option and download it.

How to Upload Themeforest Theme? How to Install?

After the Themeforest theme downloading process, you can easily install Themeforest Theme using ftp or from your WordPress panel.

Theme installation process, which is as easy as purchasing Themeforest Theme; By using FileZille or WinSCP programs as ftp, you can install the theme on your WordPress site. Then you can start using your theme from the WordPress panel.

On the other hand, login to the WordPress Admin panel and you can activate the theme by uploading from the Appearance tab, Themes section.

If you do not want to deal with all these processes, you can get paid support by contacting me at my contact addresses.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Themeforest Regular license and Extended License?

Themeforest Regular license means you can use it for a single site and you cannot sell something.

Themeforest Extended license means that if you are making money by making WordPress sites, you can sell something to your customers by purchasing this license.

Are the Themeforest Themes Fees changing?

No, it doesn’t change. the fee for the theme is paid for a lifetime. You can get support for only 6 months free of charge. You do not pay any renewal fees.

Can I Return the Themeforest Theme?

If you have a problem with the theme you purchased on Themeforest, you can create a refund request.

There Are Some Who Sell Themeforest Themes Cheaper, Why Are Their Prices Expensive?

It is possible to buy Themeforest themes with a cheaper price from another site, but some of them may threaten the security of your site as they are likely to be cracked themes. I suggest you not to choose these types of themes.


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