5 Best WordPress Language Translation Plugins in 2021

5 Best WordPress Language Translation Plugins in 2021. With the WordPress language translation plugin, you can add multiple language options and language flags to your site. If you have a business site, it will be useful for you to add the language option. We sometimes use language translation plugins when translating WordPress themes.

If you want to manage global market with your WordPress-based website, your first priority is to have more than one language on your website. You can start your mastery of the global market by choosing the most commonly used languages ​​on your site. In other words, if your website supports languages ​​such as Turkish, English, and German, you can now open your site to users abroad. In this way, you can globalize your site by increasing the traffic of your site 5-6 times.

5 Best WordPress Language Translation Plugins:

In order to add a language to your website, you must use language plugins. With language plugins, you can translate the contents, menus, components, or pages on your site into the languages ​​you define with a few simple steps. You will be able to easily direct the languages ​​you add from your administration panel.

In the Top 5 WordPress Language Translation Plugins article, I have prepared for site owners who want to open their site to the world, I listed the translation plugins that you can use on your site.

Loco Translate

With the Loco Translate plugin, the translations on your site are organized by the browser itself. It extracts the plugin strings and creates the necessary templates. The plugin is available in paid and free versions. You can install and use the version you want on your site. Currently, +1 million site builders are using the plugin.

Features of Loco Translate Translation Plugin:

  • Translation editor inside the administration panel
  • Translation APIs integration
  • Creates a language file directly into your theme or plugins
  • It can translate the source code of your site.
  • Compiles native MO file without the need for Gettext
  • PO support for comments, references, and forms

Download: https://tr.wordpress.org/plugins/loco-translate

Polylang Translation Plugin

The Polylang translation plugin allows you to set up a multilingual WordPress site. Your posts, pages, categories, etc. You can define the languages ​​you want to the cornerstones of your site, such as. The developers offer the plugin for paid and free of charge. +500 thousand site owners are currently using the plugin.

Features of Polylang Translation Plugin:

  • You can add as many languages ​​as you want to your site. It automatically downloads and updates language packs.
  • Content, page, category, tags, menu, etc. You can translate site functions such as using Polylang.
  • Converts WordPress widgets such as sticky posts, post formats, RSS feeds.
  • There is an easily customizable language change button in the navigation menu of the site.

Download: https://tr.wordpress.org/plugins/polylang

Weglot Translate Plugin

Weglot Translate plugin translates all Turkish content on your site into the languages ​​you add. Thanks to this plugin developed to make the translation process in the most accurate and high-quality way, various language options without making any code changes on your site.

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The most important feature of the plugin is that it is SEO compatible. In addition to this indispensable feature, it offers you the most natural translation process by following the applications developed by Google for websites that offer multiple language options. After the plugin completes the translation process on your website, it is indexed by Google. Weglot Translate offers free support to sites below 2000 words. However, it provides support for websites with more than 2000 words with its paid version. Currently, +30 thousand site owners are using the plugin.

Features of Weglot Translate Translation Plugin:

  • Weglot translation plugin works in harmony with all kinds of themes and plugins. It translates every string on your site in a quality way without difficulty.
  • The Weglot translation plugin allows you to translate products added with WooCommerce, the vault you have created, and order emails.
  • + Provides support for more than 100 WP language packs.
  • It automatically detects and translates the content you add. This way, you don’t have to search for files like (.po) for the content you added.
  • Translations are regularly updated from time to time.
  • It optimizes your site URLs with the new languages ​​you add.
  • You can fully customize your language switch button that appears on your home page.

Download: https://tr.wordpress.org/plugins/weglot

Google Language Translator

Google Language Translator is the lightest translation plugin amongst the plugins. It makes it much easier to create a multilingual website compared to other plugins. Thus, it holds the title of the best translation plugin.

After installing and activating the plugin, you need to activate the status of the plugin by going to the settings section of your site’s administration panel. Then you need to choose the language your site is installed in and the languages ​​you want to be translated.

After making the necessary settings, a widget is added to the home page of your website so that the users who visit your site can easily change the language. Your content is translated by the Google local translator at the choice of your site visitors.

Download: https://wordpress.org/plugins/google-language-translator


MultingualPress is a plugin that supports running any language you add on another site. It is installed on your site with the language change widget so that the users visiting your site can easily switch to other languages. After the visitor clicks on the language option they will choose, they are directed to the translated version of your site.

Even if you disable the MultingualPress plugin, it will continue to work on your site without losing any data. The plugin offers a total of 174 language packs. It works in harmony with SEO and offers hreflang support to the user.

In this Top 5 WordPress Language Translation Plugins article, I have prepared for those looking for a translation plugin, I have listed the best WordPress language translation plugin you can use on your website. You can choose any of these plugins and install them on your site.

Download: https://wordpress.org/plugins/multilingual-press


You can share with me the problems you encounter while using WordPress Language Translation Plugin and get support where you get stuck. As a WordPress expert, I would be pleased to assist you in every subject within my knowledge.

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