It is really hard to find and choose the best WordPress E-Commerce Theme. While there are too many Paid and Free WordPress e-commerce themes, deciding which one is best for your business, choosing the right theme with appropriate features is the hardest part of this job. We have made a list of WordPress e-commerce themes to make your job a little easier. All you have to do is choose the appropriate free WordPress E-commerce theme and try it out.

In order to organize the WordPress system you have set up for your company, you must first determine an e-commerce theme. However, there are thousands of e-commerce themes mentioned on WordPress or many blog sites. All of them offer all the necessary features for your company. What criteria should be included in the e-commerce theme required for your website? I explained them and then listed 10 free WordPress e-commerce themes that I recommend you try for your site.

WordPress E-Commerce Themes Must-Have

  • Attractive Design: If you want to impress the users who visit your site, the first impression of your site is very important. The design of your website affects the next process of the people who visit your site, if the design of your site is bad, users may leave your site and go to other sites. Therefore, I have selected and listed e-commerce themes with designs that will attract the users who will visit your site. All e-commerce themes I have listed can be customized.
  • Speed Optimization: Your site’s design will not be enough to keep users on your site. The speed of your site is as important as the interface of your site. According to Forrester Research, if a page that users want to visit is not opened within 2 seconds, users close the site. For this reason, the theme you have chosen should support page speed optimization in order not to keep users visiting your site waiting.
  • Supported Plugins: Since the theme you choose for your site will be the e-commerce theme, you should be able to manage your website with the plugins such as online store, control the shipping fee, SEO support, contact form, etc.
  • Mobile Friendly: In today’s technology, having a responsive (mobile compatible) web page puts your company one step ahead compared to competitors. Because many people have mobile devices in their homes instead of computers, if your website is mobile-compatible or your website is accessed from mobile, your site visits will increase gradually and you can be one step ahead of your competitors. According to a study of Statistan, 86% of users who shop online are shopping on mobile. Therefore, if you pay attention to the responsiveness of the theme you choose for your site, users will be more satisfied when they visit your site.

Top 10 WordPress E-Commerce Themes List

The list of wordpress e-commerce themes that are beautiful in terms of feature design that I have prepared for you;

1. Shoplsle

Shoplsle – Wordpress E-Commerce Theme
Shoplsle – Wordpress E-Commerce Theme

Shoplsle is at the top of the WordPress e-commerce themes with its simple, modern, and elegant appearance. This theme provides a slider that will be found on the home page of your site. Thanks to the Slider, you can place new products or discount codes.

ShopIsle has a modern, stylish and elegant product section. It presents the products you have added to your site to the users in this section in a very elegant way. Visitors who want to see the product image more closely can see the detailed image by placing the mouse pointer on the product. In addition, the payment page in the theme is a useful page to show all previously purchased products or the price of the product to buy.

You can customize this e-commerce theme as you wish. With the SiteOrigin page building plugin, you can easily customize your online store. In addition, this theme includes an about me page and a contact form page created with the ContactForm7 plugin. Since the theme is close to social media, you can interact with your customers.

2. StoreFront

StoreFront – Wordpress E-Commerce Theme
StoreFront – Wordpress E-Commerce Theme

StoreFront, which ranks second in our list in terms of appearance, compatibility and speed, comes from the creator of WooCommerce. Since the theme is made to support WooCommerce, you can add the products you want to your website and put them on sale in a short time.

I am sure you will love the way this theme displays the products you have added. The management of product inventories has been highly modified.

StoreFront also provides support for color schemes for your site. In your online store, you can change all the color schemes you want to change with a single click. If you do not like the online store that comes as default, you can make an online store site unique to your taste thanks to the extra layouts, color options and various components.

3. Alpha Store

Alpha Store – Wordpress E-Commerce Theme
Alpha Store – Wordpress E-Commerce Theme

Written with BOOTSTRAP AND CSS3, Alpha Store is a mobile compatible, fast and simple WordPress e-commerce theme compared to other themes. This theme supports WooCommerce.

Thanks to live customization, which is among the biggest features that distinguish this theme from other themes, you can instantly see all the changes you have made on your site. You do not need to have any technical knowledge while trying to customize the online store you have set up with this theme. In order to customize your site easily, you can add the site origin plugin to your theme and easily edit the pages you want to customize with drag and drop method.

If we talk about the general features of this theme, it is among the best WordPress themes. After uploading the theme to your website, it provides two menu and footer locations. If you install it, it gives you two main menu locations and one footer position. You can customize these places as you wish. In addition, it allows you to add additional menus in the right and left sidebars. Moreover, you have the chance to add all social media icons to your website.

Thanks to Alpha Store, you have the opportunity to use many features such as wish list, product comparisons, quick viewing.

4. Max Store

Max Store – Wordpress E-Commerce Theme
Max Store – Wordpress E-Commerce Theme

If you want an e-commerce theme with a simple design and only WooCommerce integration, you can install Max Store on your site. Whatever sector you sell, Max store will keep up with that sector.

The default look of the theme looks very nice and simple. It provides display of your product categories on your home page. The presentation of the product looks modern and stylish thanks to its good animation.

The theme is highly customizable if you want to increase its beauty with a little more effort. This theme is a very good option if you want your site to rank in Google. The reason is that it supports YOAST SEO, the most powerful SEO plugin. Finally, Max Store allows you to compress all of your theme files and make them faster in terms of optimization.

5. Flash

Flash – Wordpress E-Commerce Theme
Flash – Wordpress E-Commerce Theme

This theme is one of the favorite themes of today’s e-commerce users. Thanks to its multi-purpose usage, it has been uploaded more than 30 thousand on wordpress.org. Like the other themes I have described, Flash helps you a lot when setting up an online store.

This theme is installed on your site with WooCommerce, Site origin and Flash Toolkit plugins that help people who will set up a new online store to set up easily. WooCommerce is a very powerful platform compared to other e-commerce platforms. With the site origin page builder, you can easily create an online store with the drag and drop method.

6. Hestia

Hestia – Wordpress E-Commerce Theme
Hestia – Wordpress E-Commerce Theme

Another theme that comes among the multi-purpose themes is Hestia. Thanks to this theme, you can make an online store that stands out. You can combine flashy and nice designs with WooCommerce to keep visitors visiting your site coming back again and again.

Hestia also offers its users a live customizer. In this way, you can easily edit a place or page you want to edit. You can also instantly see the changes made. If you like to edit a theme or if you want to use other editing plugins in the theme, you can easily add all the plugins you want to this theme and make customizations.

7. Zigcy

Zigcy – Wordpress E-Commerce Theme
Zigcy – Wordpress E-Commerce Theme

If you want the page you want to prepare to be flexible, you can use Zigcy. When you install the Zigcy, the page comes with the elementor page editor. Elementor is a powerful editor plugin that allows you to change the color tone or appearance of your site with a few minor techniques. In addition, you can edit this theme with any other page editor plugins you want.

You can edit and customize the Zigcy as you wish. With Zigcy, you can customize your site background with either a picture or a short video. You can adjust your site color scheme as you wish. Zigcy also offers a mega menu that helps managing your product category.

8. eStore

eStore – Wordpress E-Commerce Theme
eStore – Wordpress E-Commerce Theme

Another e-commerce theme developed by ThemeGrill is eStore. In addition to being free, the eStore has many powerful and great features. There are approximately 20 thousand e-commerce sites prepared using the eStore theme.

You can customize the eStore as you wish. It offers right and left sidebars and 3 customizable custom menus to the users. The theme has more than 10 additional components and more than 12 special components. It is available in 4 different layouts in a few steps in the demo version. It has layout options for each page and text.

9. Bellini

Bellini – Wordpress E-Commerce Theme
Bellini – Wordpress E-Commerce Theme

Bellini has a modern and simple design that can be used on all companies’ websites. By showing the added images in full width, it ensures that the users visiting your site are satisfied and attract the attention.

Like other themes, this theme is open to all customizations and you can customize all the components you want.


Tyche  – Wordpress E-Commerce Theme
Tyche – Wordpress E-Commerce Theme

This theme has more vibrant colors and is an e-commerce theme with WooCommerce integration. You can easily add a professional and modern look to your online store thanks to this theme, where all WooCommerce plugins are integrated.

This theme shows all the products you have added fluently and very vividly. You will encounter a new modernity and elegance in every tab you open. You can view your top products you’ve added on the sliders on your homepage. The theme also allows you to create different colors and labels for each product category.

There are many free and paid e-commerce themes for WordPress. As halillacin.com.en suggestions for you, you can make a good start with 10 best WordPress e-commerce themes.

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